The Green Dot


The company has been originally set up to facilitate the architectural registration process for recent architectural graduates to gain experience and to help sole traders, micro and small companies to develop the skills they need to move forward in the industry. We have continued further on our journey and now offer a range of skills, mainly in energy efficiency consulting and detailed construction documentation.

We find working together is the best way to facilitate the architectural partnership and holistically recognise the impact on our future in the most adaptive way.

Fundamentally engagement with an idea happens only after an awareness of something which you can improve. This awareness is what drives us to work with others and improve the relationship between good design practice and energy efficiency in the built environment.

By collaborating with other architectural firms, builders, other consultants and our own clients we provide a shortcut to the awareness we have gained from our professional experience and allow each to make an informed decision with this shortcut.

By encouraging other architectural firms, builders, other consultants and clients to adopt practices in their projects we close the circle. However, the decision ultimately lies in the hands of the client and we strive to provide the right information so that that this encouragement is viable. 

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