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The Company

Shared Space Architecture aims to fill gaps which exist in professional architecture practice. We do this through our process of Encouragement follows Practice follows Awareness.

Since its beginnings, Shared Space has involved itself with efficient buildings and the experience we carry with us ultimately helps those on the journey and our clients. We believe there is no one solution for every project and that every project has the potential to succeed in delivering both architectural outcomes and efficiency.

Our expertise always derives its foundation from architectural experience and process and although this expertise goes beyond the architectural process (ESD, shop drawing and business technology) we maintain our roots. This is one of our strengths, particularly when working with architects.

We're passionate about helping people. We're passionate about providing good advice. We're passionate about enjoying the process.

Fundamentally engagement with an idea happens only after an awareness of something which you can improve. This awareness is what drives us to work with others and improve the relationship between good design practice and energy efficiency in the built environment.

By collaborating with other architectural firms, builders, other consultants and our own clients we provide a shortcut to the awareness we have gained from our professional experience and allow each to make an informed decision with this shortcut.

By encouraging other architectural firms, builders, other consultants and clients to adopt practices in their projects we close the circle. However, the decision ultimately lies in the hands of the client and we strive to provide the right information so that that this encouragement is viable. 

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The People

Alex Slater

Alex Slater is a Registered Architect in Victoria, an Accredited NatHERS Assessor, Certified Passive House Designer and Green Star Accredited Professional.

From an early age Alex has had an interest in assisting people along with an interest in the Built Environment. These main interests have forged his career in Architecture and Education. He also enjoys Community Work.

Educated in both Canberra and Melbourne, Alex has had over 10 years in the industry and has worked on residential, commercial and community projects in both architectural, environmentally sustainable design and designing for manufacture.

When Alex is not working, you can find him walking, riding a bike, responding to a tune running through his mind, laughing (at himself), daydreaming (without realising) and creating the next pun.

Geoff Driscoll is a Registered Architect in the Australian Capital Territory and has been in the industry for over 40 years.

Graduating from the University of Sydney in 1981, Geoff has worked at numerous architectural practices in Canberra. This expanded his experience before opening his own practice, Geoff Driscoll Architects (originally Crone Ross Driscoll) in 1989.

Geoff’s main interest through retirement as a practicing architect is residential and domestic projects. However he also has considerable experience in commercial, community and education buildings.

Geoff Driscoll
Geoff Driscoll

Elsie Wang is a Certified Passive House Consultant & Engineer based in Sydney.

Upon completing her Bachelor of Architecture and Civil Engineering at the University of Sydney, she followed her left brain to work as a Structural Engineer for a few years, before coming across Passive House (Passivhaus).

She has previously engineered a big range of projects, from large sculptures to architecturally award-winning homes. Her most current work (in progress) is a tiny house on wheels.

Elsie is a big advocate of form and function. She believes in beautiful designs that also fulfil purpose and efficiency. It’s no wonder she enjoys Passive House consulting – combining building design with science and sustainability.