The Green Dot

Country Style Passivhaus
Country Style Passivhaus
Country Style Passivhaus Front View

Located near Warrnambool on Victoria’s South coast, this Passivhaus boasts a realatively small footprint. Designed to be powered 100% by on site power sources and other services contained on site as well.

A family home designed inconjunction with a deep involvement with its future occupants we worked together on its realisation and provided expertise in ensuring the detailed aspects of the design can be achieved within the parameters. It was important part of the brief to keep services hidden.

The lower floor is much smaller in area than the upper floor. This decision was made to provide an outlook over the Northern garden from the balcony on the upper floor above the lounge. The carport fits snugly under the master bedroom and is screened to make the lower wall appear to be the same width on both storeys.

Along the Southern side of the house is placed the guest parking and water tank to supply the family of four. The decision was made to install the PV solar panel array on the shed to allow for flexibility with the roof design on the residence. All  gutters (except a small overhang on the Northern lounge window) drain into the house tank. The tank at the shed is intended as a backup water supply.

On the Ground Floor the Lounge and Hallway are connected by the Kitchen and Dining areas. It was part of the brief that a separate lounge exist with a fireplace. The upper storey is connected to the hallway, as seen to the right of this photo.

As you climb the stairs to the upper storey the vision of the vaulted ceilings becomes apparent. These vaulted ceilings also continue to the upstairs verandah, looking to the North. All this in a highly efficient building!