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Derna Affordable Housing
Derna Affordable Housing
Derna Street Location Map

This is a collaboration between ODR Architects and Shared Space Architecture. We collaborated on the preparation of a planning set for affordable housing in Heidelberg West. The documentation was to demonstrate the features of the local area, showing that it is highly accessibly as well as affordable.

ODR’s approach goes beyond a formal and tectonic Architecture. As a company they explore social, political, cultural and environmental issues surrounding each project, embellishing the ultimate architectural outcome.

The first image shows the context of the Derna Street site. It demonstrates how conveniently located the project is and how accessible services are to the future inhabitants of the dwellings.

The second image provides Winter and Summer Sun Path so that we are aware of the location of proper shading and the incorporation of particular view angles in the design beyond planning regulations. Shared Space Architecture also works in this way from initial sketches.

The streetscape of the area is low-rise. The existing dwelling is shaded in Red to show the connection of the other dwellings to it and the road.

ODR’s approach to pulling out existing features makes it clear for the council to assess the outcome. With a clear legend and organised approach, it is easy for us to reference photos to a position on the map.