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Dobson CLT Units
Dobson CLT Units
Dobson Street Rear Overview

This is a collaboration between GCE Consulting Engineers and Shared Space Architecture. Together a volume and cost estimate was created to ascertain the viability of the project.

In a multi-unit development it is important to maintain the setbacks are maintained in design and construction of the units. We find it easier to model these in 3D to make sure they are easily followed when building the model from structure to cladding.

This project was engineered to use CLT beams to support the roof along its length. The beauty about integrating these beams before the build process is you reduce wastage and ensure the houses fit together.

Integrating other elements like steel are also easier and we are able to work with firms to make sure the build process takes the easiest path, whether it be for cost or labour.

The foundations of the units were a combination of mass concrete footings and steel drive piles to support the concrete beams where the land was loose.