The Green Dot

Frankston Visualisations
Frankston Visualisations
Frankston Visualisation Front View

We use ArchiCAD as our primary software and this project had already been designed by a builder who builds energy efficient homes. The renders were used to advertise the dwelling with a Real Estate Agent and the block was ultimately sold with this dwelling as part of the planning permit. A quaint and energy efficient home.

Frankston Visualisation View of Roof

The selection of materials in the rendering engine are very customisable in ArchiCAD. With the use of Weathertex on the upper storey, it was necessary to create a custom material.

Frankston Visualisation From Neighbour 2

We chose not to make the renders totally photographic. They are intended to be indicative of what you can expect on the block.

Frankston Visualisation From Neighbour

The block was subdivided and this shot is from the existing dwelling looking to the sub divided block. Yes, there are this many trees, it’s a beautiful location.

Frankston Visualisation Rear of Dwelling

Here we communicating a light at dusk effect to show the usable dining space during meal times. It was important for us to show the size of the patio so that it was clearly visible that there was adequate room for a dining set to be placed and used.