The Green Dot

Loft Living
Loft Living

Located in Hornsby, Sydney, this is an extrusion extension allowing light into the upper space, whilst also maintaining a good aspect for solar PV panels to the North.

The requirement was for an upstairs living area, two bedrooms, a bathroom and ceiling access. Ceilings were reduced where possible and this allowed the dwelling to retain the same look as a single storey house.

The extension passed through council as a complying development and was handed over to the builder to build. We were unable to visit the site during 2020 because of the global pandemic.

The setting of this extension is in a suburban cul-de-sac. The aim was to keep the home modest to the street. Surrounding this dwelling are a number of two storey dwellings which help to retain this modesty. Please find below a video which was made to demonstrate the residence on completion.

The builder for this project was Southern Sky Building, who took it on shortly after planning documentation was approved and they managed the construction and finishing details with the owners of the home. Below are some stills taken from the video to demonstrate the concept behind the spaces provided upstairs.