The Green Dot

Mark Street
Mark Street
Mark Street Rear View

This is a collaboration between PH Architects and Shared Space Architecture in the design of a renovation of a home on a typical inner-Melbourne long block.

Creating a better access to Northern light to the side of the home and Eastern light to the rear of the home we needed to deal with boundary heights so as to not exceed the current shadows cast by neighbouring buildings. 

The home fronts onto a quiet street with close access to bike paths and neighbouring single storey frontages. Made with red brick the intent is to retain the front facade. The only part of the street front which changes is deep into the side access.

Access to light is terribly important, particularly when a home runs East to West. There is an opportunity to open up the existing living room to Northern light and thus create a larger entry area into the new living space.

Moving just inside the Northen entry from the side of the home, we look to the West into the living room. The ceiling height is retained here and is part of the original dwelling.

Moving further to the East we observe the context and differing ceiling heights at the Kitchen. Connecting the existing dwelling with the new extension is a lowered ceiling to connect the differing ceiling heights in both sections. The space inside has become more efficient and more light-filled.