The Green Dot

Mount Macedon Road
Mount Macedon Road
Mount Macedon Road

This is a collaboration between Shared Space Architecture and Talina Edwards Architecture. We have been fortunate enough to be able to provide both Passive House and NatHERS services for this dwelling and have worked closely with Talina and Mia to ensure the design intent is maintained and changes in the building envelope are managed, mainly from a Passive House perspective.

Images Credit: Talina Edwards Architecture

This project is surrounded by beautiful trees, a large block and amazing views across the block through the architecturally placed windows which highlight views of the garden.

The geometrically arranged podiums created a fairly large surface area to volume ratio for this dwelling. That was one of the challenges, as was maintaining a lower level of solar gain throughout the year.

A Passive House model consists of a measurement of the entire building envelope, whereas a NatHERS rating looks at each ‘zone’ (room) individually and looks at the average for the overall rating. One of the benefits of being able to conduct a Passive House Model and NatHERS rating is to see a correlation between the different rating tools.

Another benefit is to be able to see the best and worst performing rooms in a NatHERS model, as this is something which is not generally done in the PHPP, unless you manually program it!

The dwelling achieves Passive House (on paper) and a NatHERS rating of 7.4 Stars.

Below is a button to show a PHPP input model of the dwelling. It takes some time to load (in a new tab/window) so please go and get your favourite drink while it loads. 😉