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New Zealand CLT House
New Zealand CLT House
NZ CLT House Front View

This is a collaboration between GCE Consulting Engineers and Shared Space Architecture. Together a shop drawing model and take-off was prepared for a CLT company.

The machining of the CLT components of the home comes directly off this model. We had to interrogate the design and refine the joints to ensure the project went together seamlessly. It is also imperative that we communicate the areas we see as difficult, so that trades are aware and take more care of particular parts of the project whilst on site.

Beyond the Walls and Roof, we looked at the integration of stairs and furniture. By assessing the amount of timber used in a project volumes are provided to a manufacturer to provide a volume based pricing, so we must get the costing right!

Peeling back more layers, the electrical system is integrated into the model. By creating voids with the red parts of the model shown, the machine in the CLT factory interprets this as a process and cuts the timber to create the same shape to allow for electrical cables, conduit and fittings to be fixed easily on site.

A panel is not necessarily flat and simple. Particularly where panels join, details need to be considered so that the panel can have a neat finish. This panel butted against a Rammed Earth wall and finishing plates could be refined and adjusted on site to leave very little gap between.