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Wave House
Wave House
Wavehouse Entry Sequence

Located near Melbourne’s Northern suburbs, this family dwelling boasts a courtyard and bright entry sequence mathematically calculated on the Fibonacci sequence in both length and colour.

The intention is for this home to be an energy efficient home, aiming for the Passivhaus standard. We are currenly exploring build cost after exploring ideas through concept design.

Another feature of this home is the direction of rainwater to one point in the roof so that it can be collected centrally with one inlet to multiple water tanks. As a bonus the roof ties the multiple areas together and unifies the design of the home. This is where the concept of ‘Wave House’ comes from.

Looking down through the courtyard a deck allows the occupants to enter and exit easily. The intent is to have a feature tree in the middle of the courtyard to centre on nature, bringing the outside into the inside.

To the rear of the home is a unified trellis connecting the main home to a folly. The folly extends the living area and provides a separate yet connected space to partake in leisure. The vision for this is a different internal materiality with a much lower, cozy ceiling.

To the West of the dwelling we have a laundry with a small courtyard for drying clothes. This laundry and courtyard is secluded from the rear deck area by a wall disconnected from the main roof. Separate yet connected. Hidden yet functional.